Take Your Vacation to New Heights with a Hot Air Balloon Ride

There’s no question that one of the most memorable experiences you might ever have on a vacation is to go on a hot air balloon ride. If you’re the adventurous type, this might be something that you’ve thought about doing several times in the past, yet you never really found the right opportunity. Even if you don’t normally enjoy activities like this, you might be surprised at just how enjoyable the whole experience can really be.

What is it Like to Fly in a Hot Air Balloon?

In short, it feels almost like you’re free floating through the air because that is basically what you’re doing, at least to a point. Sure, you have the balloon over you and the basket underneath you, but it’s the closest thing to merely floating on the wind like a bird that you’re ever going to experience as a human being. It’s easily one of the most relaxing and most exhilarating activities that you’ll ever experience, all rolled into one. It’s also a great way to make an otherwise routine vacation memorable or to add a little diversity to your trip when you want to try something new. You can even incorporate a flight on a hot air balloon with certain Napa Valley vacation packages.

Are Hot Air Balloons Safe?

This seems to be a question that everybody asks, and that’s okay. As a matter of fact, people are encouraged to find out more about the safety record of any particular company or pilot before they get on board. It just makes sense to do so. That being said, riding in a hot air balloon is easily one of the safest activities that you could possibly enjoy. When it’s all said and done, it’s safer than many other forms of air travel and it’s certainly safer than getting in the car and driving from one point to another, as this is one of the riskiest forms of travel that you’re ever likely to endure.

Can These Rides be Customized?

In the end, the duration of the ride, as well as any other special questions or concerns, will be at the discretion of the company that you’re flying with, and ultimately, with the pilot. If you want to do something special, it certainly doesn’t hurt to ask. Most people are more than willing to accommodate special requests as long as they’re within reason. For example, many people use hot air balloon rides to commemorate special events such as graduating from college, celebrating a birthday or anniversary, or even proposing marriage. If you are doing it for a special occasion, don’t hesitate to mention that to the pilot and find out how that special moment can be incorporated into the flight itself.

In closing, getting in a hot air balloon is one of the safest ways to turn an otherwise ordinary day into a special one. Just watching a hot air balloon ascend is fun in and of itself, but nothing beats being part of the activity. Even if you’re unsure of how you might feel when it comes to heights, rest assured that most people find it a very relaxing experience. If you do have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to bring them up and talk through them before your scheduled ride. It can make the entire experience much more enjoyable and you just might find that you have a new favorite hobby.