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The company behind the innovation of Prestar Trolleys believes in well-established business relationships with customers and clients by giving outstanding services and of course quality products. Companies and business that can’t adapt with the ever-changing needs of the market won’t last long in their respective industry, that’s why Prestar works close with customers in developing and upgrading products until they manufacture the product that meets the market’s said needs.

All of Prestar’s products were designed to be incredibly user-friendly through easy operation and assembly. Because of the practicality of their designs, body pains and fatigue normally experienced by users of similar machines before are greatly reduced which is a huge benefit; chances of work related accidents are decreased and productivity is increased. The main departments and staff involved in testing and inspection activities are quality control and technical support.

Prestar Trolley Guide

NB101 Folding Handle Platform Trolley by Prestar – 150kg Capacity With quality tubing and a double pressed metal deck, the NB101 features amazing durability and strength. The NB101 can be used in multiple industries like warehousing, resorts, manufacturing, retail and hospitals; here are just some of its features:

Made in Japan with care, NB101 has some of the highest quality parts, thus is incredibly reliable. The platform’s double pressed metal won’t bend, bow or fail easily under pressure. The trolley’s handles are made of thick and robust tubing while the hinge and pedal mechanism installed on the handles are premium quality double pressed metal; it’s basically reliable, tight and durable. Pinch guards are installed on the folding handles to prevent the user from injuring themselves and non-slipping bumpers and matting are carefully machine fitted; doing so ensures that they are fixed and don’t peel away quickly, aside from that they are fitted with two swivel and two fixed 200mm diameter castors. Castors are tailor made for every trolley model under Prestar, the practical push effort and high push handle are the lowest. There are optional break kits available and the durable precision bearing castors give quiet and smooth rolling action, another feature that clients love is the five year warranty included in the purchase.

Prestar Platform Flatbed Trolley with Mesh Sides at 300kg Capacity (NF307)

Customers and clients of Prestar truly value the quality and workmanship that goes into the NF307 as well as other trolleys; made in Japan by professionals and sold all over the world. For superior strength, double pressed metals are used for the platform, unbelievable amounts of weight and challenges are required before it even bends. A five year manufacturer’s warranty comes with every NF307. The castors and tubing that go into the products are made and designed by Prestar; trolley models are constructed using only high quality rubber and castors in order to achieve the smooth precision bearings and rolling action.

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